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Patient Management

VisionProPOS Patient Chart is very intuitive and easy to use. Patient Demographic Information, Allergies, and Patient Balance information is always visible in the top information bar at all times. Patient chart is the central repository for all of the patient information including Demographics, Rx, Patient Invoices, Lab Orders, Files and Attachments, Family and Recalls. User can very easily switch between the different sections of the patient chart by clicking on the respective tab, making it very easy for the service provider to access the required information quickly.

Given below are some of the Features:

  • Patient Search: Allows users to search patients by Name, Address, Patient ID and Phone Number. Our advanced search option will allow you to find everything related to a patient in the entire system

  • Demographics: Records Patient demographic information, Picture, Patient Personal Info, Emergency Contact Info, Guarantor's Info including Preferred Payment Methods, Discount etc.

  • RX: Stores Glasses Rx, Soft Contact Lens Rx and Hard Contact Lens Rx information and Rx notes.

  • Invoice: Provides ability to create Spectacle Order, Contact Lens Order along with Lab Orders through one screen. Users are also able to create Invoices without the Lab orders for Sunglasses and Accessories etc.

  • Estimate: Estimates can be created with ease. It even allows you to convert your estimates into Invoices if the patient decide to purchase the order at a later date.

  • Multiple Orders in a Single Invoice: Ability to create multiple orders in once Invoice. This makes it easier to provide multiple item discounts and apply promotions like 2 for 1 which are very common in the optical industry.

  • Lab Orders: Lab Orders can easily be managed with the help of the status and promise date. System automatically flags the order(s) with different colors that are due in the next 24 hours or are past due.

  • Files & Attachments: Allows users to attach files and pictures to the patient chart.

  • Family: Link family members together so that all the family orders can be viewed through patient chart.

  • Recall: Patient recalls can be created from within the patient chart for Insurance, Recheck etc. Recall reasons can be customized for your practice.

  • Merge Patients: Patient charts can be merged if duplicate Patients are created by mistake.

  • Invoice Notes: Notes are available in the Rx, Invoice and Lab Order screens

  • Auditing: Access to patient file is tracked by employee, date and time.

  • Balance & Credits ($): Track patient and Insurance balance and credit amounts. Print Patient or Insurance credit notes for the patients.


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